We stock appliance parts for most General Electric and Whirlpool appliances. We also stock parts for other brands such as Mabe, Frigidaire Amana, etc.

  • Refrigerator Parts

    Refrigerator Parts

    We pride ourselves in stocking a wide variety of fridge parts spanning many brands. If we do not have the exact replacement, we have the generic product that can do the job!

  • Stove Part

    Stove Parts

    We stock chrome bowls, elements, among other items for your stove. Just ask us; we can help!

  • Washing Machine Parts

    Washing Machine Parts

    We stock parts for mainly whirlpool washing machines. Once it’s US made, we can source it!

BTU Calculator

Not sure what size air conditioning unit you need?

Room Dimensions

Large or oversized windows with direct sunlight
Wide open spaces to other rooms, offices or bathroom
Floor to Ceiling height more than 3 meters
Extremely hot/cold in season
None of the above
Estimated A/C Unit Capacity (BTU)

Please Note: BTU results from the calculator are to be used as estimates.

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