We proudly offer the Nu-Calgon brand of chemical and oil products; guaranteed to do the job.

  • Nu-Brite Coil Cleaner

    Coil Cleaner

    Our Nu-Brite Coil Cleaner is by far the best on the market. It removes rust and grime in no time.
    Sold in gallons.

  • FLO


    Our Flo 1 oz. is used to remove moisture from a refrigeration system. It’s a Technician Must Have!!

  • Ice Machine Cleaner

    Ice Machine Cleaner

    Our Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner is specifically formulated for removing scale deposits from ice makers. It is food grade, hence safe for use and used in all major brands.

  • Polyester Oil

    Mineral Oil / Polyester Oil

    Our Mineral Oil and Polyester Oil are American made and of high quality. Both are sold by the gallon.

  • Nu-Foam Expanding & Insulating Sealant

    Nu-Foam Foam Spray

    We carry the Nu-Calgon 12 oz. bottle of foam spray. It dries quickly and holds firmly.


  • Vacuum Pump Oil

    Vacuum Pump Oil

    Our Quality brand Vacuum Pump Oil (Quart) provides maximum viscosity and protection for all brands of pumps.

BTU Calculator

Not sure what size air conditioning unit you need?

Room Dimensions

Large or oversized windows with direct sunlight
Wide open spaces to other rooms, offices or bathroom
Floor to Ceiling height more than 3 meters
Extremely hot/cold in season
None of the above
Estimated A/C Unit Capacity (BTU)

Please Note: BTU results from the calculator are to be used as estimates.

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